Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Group Work

For this week's blog, I'd like you to reflect individually on what you've learned about group work thus far. Have you had any miscommunications that have temporarily halted progress? How can you avoid those miscommunications in the future? What kinds of things have been very successful for you? What do you like best about your group? What do you want to do differently to improve your work in Phase 2?

Group work is usually always a challenging task. I feel that there are pros and cons in dealing with working on a project in a group. Overall, I believe that being able to handle and overcome obstacles in a group setting is an excellent accomplishment. Being able to work with one another despite conflict is very important. Mixcommunication is bound to happen when working with more than two people. Our group has encountered miscommunication that has set us back temporarily and we are now back on track. To avoid this common problem, I think the best solution is to be upfront and considerate of others at all times. I think the most successful ways to handle miscommunication are being honest, being timely, staying in touch with one another and being as clear as possible. In a group setting, everyone is working toward the same goal, therefore meaning always being on the same page to be successful. Our group seems to be very creative and we all contribute differently to our project. We have been able to overcome some obstacles and have not let anything harm the progress of reaching our goals.
To improve Phase 2, I think we should be more clear and more understanding of one another. It is easy to get frustrated with each other by not being on the same page. I think that we will be able to work the kinks out and create an impressive outcome for our client!

Monday, October 22, 2007

My Interview

I feel that my interview went over pretty well. There were some things that I did expect, however there were things that I definitely could have differently. When asked if I had any questions, I answered "no". I should have tuned into points that were brought up earlier to ask questions about. I will definitely keep that in mine when I go to my real interview.


I really enjoyed the presentation on different types of barbecue in South Carolina. My father has always smoked barbecue especially during summer vacations. I never really even thought about different locations in South Carolina having impacts on what types of barbecue there was. This summer, I did find out that barbecue out west or in the north is completely different than it is here. I found the presentation very interesting.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

TV Show-Private Practice

One of the best new television shows that just recently premiered, Private Practice, is a must see for anyone that loved Grey's Anatomy. Private Practice is a spin off from Grey's Anatomy with a few of the characters playing different positions.
The show basically takes place in a private practice setting, rather than a hospital. It seems to me that it will be more in depth and contain more complex problems than those in Grey's Anatomy. The show just premiered a couple of weeks ago and can be watched on
I did not think that I would like show as much as Grey's Anatomy, but love this new show and think everyone should watch it once!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Career Journal Articles

After reading through a couple of articles and getting different opinions on ideas, I have found that being honest is the most important thing to do. I feel like people get so worried about not being good enough, so they fabricate on their resumes, making them completely false. I think because expectations and competition is getting so high, people may feel the need to tell a small lie, which then falsifies the resume.
I also think that the article describing certain things that made resumes stand out was very interesting. Small things like using a glossy, more sturdy paper makes the world of difference. Standing out in a classy way is very important without being over the top.
Overall, I think that true statements and information is much more important than anything else. Simply keeping resumes traditional and classy is the best way to go, in my opinion.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Career Journal Thoughts

I really did enjoy reading the articles on interviewing and college. The first article in the selection that I read, I found surprisingly true! College is not all about what you learned in the classroom, it is how you learned and lived during the four years. Being able to manage odd hours and multi, multi, multitasking! This is so very true because I never thought that I would be able to do so many things at once and many times, I never even realize how many things I am getting accomplished.
I also found the article about being prepared for any question very interesting. I always thought if I were to be asked the wrong question, it would completely throw me off and ruin any chance of getting the job. The article went on to explain how you can twist the question to make sure that you get your point across (by not ignoring the question). I found this to be very useful for my future interviews and it will make me not worry so much about being correct for every, single question asked.
There really was not any advice that I disagreed upon. It was mostly very opinionated, but I found a lot of it to be true and helpful. For the most part, all job interviewing is very similar and follows a lot of the same guidelines. However, I see how each interview would vary a little depending on the job position desired.This needs to be kept in mind before going into the interview.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

My life in ten years from now...

Even though it is hard to comprehend where I will be in ten years from now, I have many expectations and hopes in my future. In ten years, I will be thirty years old and out of college for nine years. I hope to have begun a successful career as an event planner in Charleston, South Carolina. I plan on being married with children at this point (scary, I know). I believe that family is the most important thing in life and this is why having children in ten years is very meaningful to me. I want to still be in South Carolina with my family because staying close is very important to me. I want my parents to be very involved in my life still, as well as my childrens' lives. I believe that keeping a very family-oriented life is very important and it means alot to me to be able to be with my family as much as possible.
I hope to be a busy and successful event planner. I think this would require establishing myself before having children. This is important to me because I will want to be with family as much as possible without having to work all of the time.